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SATVA Meditour is a Health Management company and is one of the best medical tourism company in india , established with the view of providing Unique health solutions for Patients who wish to travel to India for Treatments. The name SATVA refers to the 3 dimensions revolving life. Satva is one of the essential aspect of life. It means HARMONY, BALANCE, PURITY, CLARITY and GENTLENESS. We at Satva, thrive to relentlessly work towards the best of a patient’s requirement.

Medical tourism in india is taking new shapes everyday and we are always upto date with the newest services and technology to make your consultation, diagnosis and visit more comfortable. Being one of the top medical tourism companies in india we provide you with the best medical assistance and hospitality services.


At SATVA Meditour, we believe hospitality is our ultimatum to make our guests feel at home besides the language and culture across borders. Offering them the best medical treatment in india.


Team SATVA works for quality and Genuine Medical Solution that exceeds the expectation of our esteemed patients. We work on building a strong connection between patients and World class Hospitals and Doctors. Your Trust is our Strength.

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Kala Brown
Travel Industry Software

I had a very good experience with Satva. They have a very helpful staff, who made my work really easy and saved me a lot of time. The hospitals they recommended had really professional staff and they are really dedicated. I would definitely recommend sattva for anyone looking for medical assistance in india.

Marketing Manager

I was there for my Cardiovascular diagnosis. From setting up appointment, consultation and check up process, all staff and the hospitals i was sent to were wonderful, professional and had dedicated people. Sattva made my travel, stay and consultation super easy and comfortable.

Why choose India for Medical Tourism?

India is a diverse country and so is its medicine.It has various kinds of medical practices for diagnosis, like Allopathy, Ayurveda, Homeopathy etc..

Ayurveda is the knowledge that yogis and sages accumulated in the field of medicine to diagnose people with readily available natural materials. This was the result of a rich Indian culture and spiritualism. This didn’t restrict Indians from exploring the deep ocean of Allopathy. In the last 10 years, the kind of advances Indian health institutes made are of International standards and has attracted a lot of International attention. With one of the best medical universities, world class infrastructure and training, India is able to produce world class medical professionals every year and they occupy a plenty of good positions in International medical institutes. They hold a lot of respect for the kind of knowledge and experience they have in the field of medicine.

As mentioned above, Indian medical Institutes have made a great progress in developing the Infrastructure in the last 10 years from sophisticated machinery to robotic surgery, every aspect of diagnosis has reached International standards and have surpassed the world in a few branches. Most of the top hospitals in India follow these standards.These advances are anyway not as costly as they are in other developed countries, they are very much affordable and these services are easily accessible.

This is the reason why medical tourism in India has increased rapidly over the past few years and the numbers are still going up. In future, these numbers are going to multiply further. Also, the ever-expanding metropolitan cities have developed International standard Hotels, transport and culinary services. With all these facilities in place, India has become the hub for Medical tourism. A lot of medical tourism companies have popped up in recent times.

Satvameditour is however, the best medical tourism company among all. It is one of the top medical tourism companies in india, providing their customers with all kinds of medical, hospitality and recreational services, which makes their diagnosis and visit more comfortable and memorable.