SATVA Meditour is a Health Management company and is one of the best medical tourism company in india , established with the view of providing Unique health solutions for Patients who wish to travel to India for Treatments. The name SATVA refers to the 3 dimensions revolving life. Satva is one of the essential aspect of life. It means HARMONY, BALANCE, PURITY, CLARITY and GENTLENESS. We at Satva, thrive to relentlessly work towards the best of a patient’s requirement.

Medical tourism in india is taking new shapes everyday and we are always upto date with the newest services and technology to make your consultation, diagnosis and visit more comfortable. Being one of the top medical tourism companies in indiawe provide you with the best medical assistance and hospitality services.


At SATVA Meditour, we believe hospitality is our ultimatum to make our guests feel at home besides the language and culture across borders. Offering them the best medical treatment in india.


Team SATVA works for quality and Genuine Medical Solution that exceeds the expectation of our esteemed patients. We work on building a strong connection between patients and World class Hospitals and Doctors. Your Trust is our Strength.

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I had a very good experience with Satva. They have a very helpful staff, who made my work really easy and saved me a lot of time. The hospitals they recommended had really professional staff and they are really dedicated. I would definitely recommend sattva for anyone looking for medical assistance in india.

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I was there for my Cardiovascular diagnosis. From setting up appointment, consultation and check up process, all staff and the hospitals i was sent to were wonderful, professional and had dedicated people. Sattva made my travel, stay and consultation super easy and comfortable.

Why choose India for Medical Tourism?

India is a diverse country and so is its medicine.It has various kinds of medical practices for diagnosis, like Allopathy, Ayurveda, Homeopathy etc..

Ayurveda is the knowledge that yogis and sages accumulated in the field of medicine to diagnose people with readily available natural materials. This was the result of a rich Indian culture and spiritualism. This didn’t restrict Indians from exploring the deep ocean of Allopathy. In the last 10 years, the kind of advances Indian health institutes made are of International standards and has attracted a lot of International attention. With one of the best medical universities, world class infrastructure and training, India is able to produce world class medical professionals every year and they occupy a plenty of good positions in International medical institutes. They hold a lot of respect for the kind of knowledge and experience they have in the field of medicine.

As mentioned above, Indian medical Institutes have made a great progress in developing the Infrastructure in the last 10 years from sophisticated machinery to robotic surgery, every aspect of diagnosis has reached International standards and have surpassed the world in a few branches. Most of the top hospitals in India follow these standards.These advances are anyway not as costly as they are in other developed countries, they are very much affordable and these services are easily accessible.

This is the reason why medical tourism in India has increased rapidly over the past few years and the numbers are still going up. In future, these numbers are going to multiply further. Also, the ever-expanding metropolitan cities have developed International standard Hotels, transport and culinary services. With all these facilities in place, India has become the hub for Medical tourism. A lot of medical tourism companies have popped up in recent times.

Satvameditour is however, the best medical tourism company among all. It is one of the top medical tourism companies in india, providing their customers with all kinds of medical, hospitality and recreational services, which makes their diagnosis and visit more comfortable and memorable.


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India’s medical tourism companies have always made a mark on the globe because of high-quality medical expertise. The country has a large number of clinicians with low costs of treatments. Not only this, the country has the most extensive pool of doctors in all of Asia.

Medical tourism companies in India cater to over one billion Indians and people coming from other places like Africa, Middle East and SAARC countries. High-value patients from all over the world rely on medical tourism companies from our country. India has always been famous for its traditional healing techniques and made a known place in the medical literature history.

India is becoming the most attractive destination for medical tourism companies not only because of heritage attraction but also due to growing healthcare facilities. A medical tourism company in India is provided with an appropriate environment required for the growth of it. This helps it to prosper and prove beneficial for the country.

Generally, patients travel from abroad to India for cost friendly services and surgeries which is also a result why a medical tourism company in India is developing very fast. Therefore, the government of India has taken several initiatives to provide the best facilities to the medical tourism companies in India as a result of which there is a growing interest of foreign investors in our markets.

Having said this; medical tourism companies in India suffer due to the inadequate infrastructure facilities. This is one of the significant constraints that the companies face. The unfortunate visitor experience due to poor hygiene conditions results in the reduced visitor experience. Some other contributing factors are lack of awareness, community participation, capital, lack of involvement of rural sector, sustainability and lack of language translators.

Out of all these problems, the major one is that medical health centers in India are failing to provide patients with a hygienic environment and medical facilities like the room, equipment, etc. This is majorly hampering the reputation and growth of the medical companies and hospitals in India. The problem with growing a medical tourism company in India lies in the commercialisation of the industry.

Some professionals are not okay with the commercialisation as the personal doctor-patient relationship will be missing in that. Insurance cover is another growing problem in the country. For some, the treatment is very affordable, and some are struggling to procure basic medicines. The inequality in the treatments of a private and a government hospital is very drastic. This is another major seed of problems in the bunch that are already there.

The government is taking actions to resolve all these problems and has taken significant steps like taxation anomalies and removing political influences. But even with these issues, India has shown a tremendous growth in the healthcare sector and in providing quality services to the patients. To offer better prospects, Indian hospitals have also acquired international accreditation. This will help in adding value to the GDP of our country, and the industry will get a better return- medical tourism company in India.

For India, if there is any sector which has consistently contributed to the growing GDP, it has to be the tourism sector. Medical tourism particularly boasts of popularity since it allows for relatively affordable quality medical facilities. Every year thousands of people come to India for cancer treatment, knee replacement surgery, Orthopedic surgeries, nephrology, Ayurveda treatments and many more.

The Economic Times reported Grant Thornton India’s National Managing Partner Vishesh C Chandiok as having said, “Amongst these corridors of health, India has the second largest number of accredited facilities (after Thailand). The Indian Medical Tourism market is expected to grow from its current size of USD 3 billion to USD 7-8 billion by 2020.”

Perhaps with the new visa policies which have further eased the entry into India, the tourist footfall is even more. The primary reason why India is a popular destination for medical purposes is the low costs. While it takes roughly about thirty lacs in New York City for a knee replacement surgery, hospitals in one of the most expensive cities of India, namely Mumbai will do it well within three lacs. So, even a person residing in the Big Apple will find it cheaper to come down to India, sundry expenses notwithstanding than have himself treated in the hospital few blocks down the lane. Additionally, these operations are done by highly qualified doctors who are well versed in the English language and who are a part of super specialty medical fraternity with many accreditations.

Cancer treatment which usually cost an arm and a leg in most countries is relatively inexpensive in India. Dr. Ashish Bakshi, an Indian oncologist at L H Hiranandani Hospital, opines that cancer treatment in our country is at par and in some cases even better than medical centers abroad.

For a lot of Westerners particularly, the Indian subcontinent is known for birthing Ayurveda. Miraculous Ayurveda has solutions for nearly all health problems. Foreigners find a deep fascination for Ayurveda treatments for it has neither is it temporary not does it have any side effects.

Furthermore, Chennai which is now also called the health capital of India witnesses a massive influx of patients seeking orthopedic surgeries. Orthopedic surgeons in India are highly trained and have skillfully displayed their medical skill set to make many operations successful.

With technological improvements in all fields, nephrology has also progressed by leaps and bounds. Cost-effective treatment, medical expertise and easy availability of donors make India stand out.

Both the government as well as the private medical hospitals in India has now realized the rising potentiality that the sector possesses. Indian doctors are competent and contemporary and are endeavoring to pioneer newer ways of diagnosing various ailments.

Apart from being an excellent stopover for medical treatment, India offers alternative health rejuvenation techniques like yoga, meditation, panchakarma, etc., which provide a holistic approach to healthy lifestyle. India with its progressive ideals in health tourism has gained a foothold and is sure to become synonymous with world-class health treatment.